Episode #90 Building Your Business By Outsourcing – Part 1 of 3

Episode #90 Building Your Business By Outsourcing – Part 1 of 3

Imagine if you spend $1,000.00 per month on web services of a professional and you decided to outsource that to someone for $500.00 per month. You just made $500.00 profit or savings. This day and time, we are expected to do just so many things, things which are too many to handle for one person. Getting help locally tends to be more expensive and risky especially if your product or services is not well tested on prevailing market demand.

More often than not, people who outsource stuff get frustrated because things are not getting done, things getting done are not done correctly or simply the work they’re outsourcing just don’t turn out just the way they expected. As weird as it sounds, there’s also strategies of management for outsourced teams. You need to clearly understand the your goals and other things that you need before you seek outsourcing services.

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